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Easy tool for Pro Tools LE / HD, making plugins active or inactive, before Pro Tools Launches. No more long unnecessary launching times.

Further there are some utilities very usefull, like deleting all Digidesign databases with one mouse-click and direct links for some system - applications

For HD systems you can easily select the needed Mixer !

! New!
You can now select the Digidesign Plugins (Digitranslator, Toolkits etc.) and make it them "unused", or "used" by selecting them.

We now have users in:
• Netherlands
• Spain      • UK      • France      • US
• India      • Germany      • Portugal      • Switzerland
• Sweden      • Afrika      • Finland      • Guatemala
• Australia      • Russia

from home-studio's to major film / post / mastering / music facilities !

** although the program is very useful and should work fine, use is at your own risk !  **

note sept 2010- might come an update soon... all users will receive an e-mail. If there are any tips, now is the time that I might include them...

Pro Tools 8:

Added 07-03-2009: Plugins, special for Pro Tools 8. Complete Production Toolkit, Satellite LE, Video Satellite, Link Enabler... etc

ADDED Fix for Pro Tools 9
Version 0.9.9d
• Added: generate PluginList from menu (thanx to Digidesign)
Main Screen

Big Change:
Version 0.9.9
• Added: Plugins for Pro Tools 8 added. Like Video Satellite, Complete Production Toolkit and more

Minor Change:
Version 0.9.6
• Bug-fix: if you would make a copy of the plugins, pressed ok, and then pressed cancel, it would quit. Not anymore.

Minor Change:
Version 0.9.5
• Program, Donate logo made smaller :)
• Website engine changed... Now we have a fill-in-form

New in version 0.9.4  
(should work on Pro Tools 7.3 & 7.4 LE and HD)

• Added Features:
•  Waves Plugin-folder added, for moving plugins

•  Finally: The possibility to backup / delete / restore all the Preferences. You can now seperately select the files you need, or just select them all.

•  I put a Debug option for easy debuging the list of plugins installed.

•  From Request: The posibillity to copy the whole Used Plugin Folder.

• Bug fix: Not all plugin-manufacturers seem to have the same way of loading plugins. I filtered some imformation to make it work more efficient. If you still encounter any problems, let me know.

• Code-Writing: Making the code internally more efficiënt and more easy to adapt.

New in version 0.9.3  (should work on Pro Tools 7.3 & 7.4 LE and HD)

• Feature: Added Menu-bar, for multiple functions.
• Bug fix/Feature: added "edit" menu, for copy-past functions for Code
• Feature: Added "About" Window

New in version 0.9.2  
(should work on Pro Tools 7.3 & 7.4 LE and HD)

• Bug fix: after adjusting to PT 7.4, deleting Volumes did not work properly with 7.3.
• Feature: Added option deleting Digidesign Catalogus
• Feature: Clicking on text "Used Plugins"/"Unused Plugins" now opens directory in Finder

New in version 0.9.1  
(should work on Pro Tools 7.3 & 7.4 LE and HD)

• Bug fix: after entering code, availible plugins were not shown correctly
• Bug fix: permissions of temporary directory changed
• Layout: New Logo

New in version 0.9.0  (should work on Pro Tools 7.3 & 7.4 LE and HD)

• Bug fix: after adjusting to PT 7.4, deleting Databases did not work properly with 7.3.
• Bug fix: deleting wavecache now works properly
• Feature: Digidesign plugins / toolkits now (un)selectable with the PluginSelector
• Feature: Added Dutch Help
• Feature: When clock on Version number, this page will open
• Security: Code-lock. Programm now locked with codesystem. more info


Main Screen:
Main Screen

Preferences Backup and Restore

Select toolkits / plugins you're using:

Select the Mixer you want to use:

Waves Plugins


Developer: Maarten Chen
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